Are You Invited to the Summit Series? Why not? Are You a “Netlearner”?

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One of the hottest tickets in business is the Summit Series, a three-day Caribbean cruise for 1,000 entrepreneurs kicking off from Miami on April 8. People like Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and Google’s senior vice president of business operations Shona Brown are attending along with many founders from start up ventures and other cultural icons. It is by invitation only.

Ok, I’m not invited and I didn’t get my invitation to Davos (World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland) this year either. But that’s not stopping me from reaching out to learn and share value with the best thinkers and doers in the world. Everyday my iPad is the gateway to text, voice, and video, bringing the most knowledgeable people in their fields right to my favorite leather chair. On LinkedIn and other sites, I can be in dialogue with people who want to exchange views and help me crystallize my thoughts. In my local community there are numerous groups for more face to face exchange. This is more than just networking. My word for it is netlearning. It involves giving and receiving; it’s a two way value exchange. Honestly, I jump out of bed each day with excitement about what I can learn and share.

Character Move: get out and create your own Summit Series. Develop a plan to find out who you want to exchange value and netlearn from. You have value. You’re worth it. Remember you have to give to receive. Get excited about the daily journey. A Cheetah may lick you!

Netlearning in the Triangle,


PS. One day I believe I will be invited to Davos and/or The Summit Series.