Freakin’ Control & Control Freakin’

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The software platform company started a presentation I attended with their philosophy of being: open, social, and mobile. I think this philosophy is core to their huge success. I also recently heard Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, speak. This phenomenal online retailer has a philosophy of being completely open. The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a vision of being the platform for world wide transparency and democracy. This transparency and workplace democracy is the way successful organizations and employees are evolving. What is the impact of this openness revolution to you and me?

Have you ever worked with someone who wants total control on everything related to what they do at work? With these folks information is not allowed to be exchanged or action taken without pre-approval from this person. Stepping outside the boundaries, even by accident, can result in being “banished from the kingdom.” These people are usually hard working and well intended. Unfortunately they will likely have a fall because the “sword cuts both ways.”  They will eventually make a fatal decision and will find themselves standing alone. The idea of excessively controlling information for power and control, at a personal or even company level, was never a great idea but in today’s world it is no longer a useful precept.

Character Move: Take a hard look at your personal work. Where can you be more open and transparent in ways that help you, your team mates, and your company?

Transparent in the Triangle,