Goddess of Wisdom and Goddess of Wealth

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In his great new book Tell to Win, author Peter Gurber recounts a story told by Deepak Chopra, the highly regarded wellness expert. When Deepak was a child, his mother often shared the following saying: “There is the goddess of wisdom, and there is the goddess of wealth. If you pursue the goddess of wisdom, the goddess of wealth will become jealous and pursue you.”

Gurber goes on to describe how Deepak, following this mantra, built much personal wealth through sharing wisdom with a world wide audience.

The abundant aspect of the Character Triangle is lock step with this notion. The idea of giving generously of what is highly valued leads to more wealth in every way. Finding this value involves wisdom. Too often people are captured by the glitter of the wealth goddess and of course her repayment is often rejection and disappointment.

Character Move: Take stock. Which goddess are you pursuing?

Wisdom in the Triangle,