What’s Your pH at Work?

Accountability Purpose Well-being


Whether it is the ocean or your blood stream, these systems operate at peak efficiency only when their pH is in the proper range – not too acid and not too alkaline.  We can create a work life operating at peak efficiency through P, practice, and H, habit – combined to be our personal PH success factors.

Practice and habit go arm in arm on the journey of continuous personal improvement. I have blogged about both of these concepts before but I want to connect them this time.

Practice involves purposeful skill and attitude development regarding each of the elements of the Character Triangle. Like a professional athlete or licensed practitioner (doctor, lawyer, etc.) we need to work on this consciously daily. Some people believe that when we purposefully practice “the music finds us” more than we make the music.

Habits are reliable and consistent ways of doing things. Our habits tell us and others who we are. To live the Character Triangle consistently we have to make the values habitual. Many studies state that it takes several months if continuous, consistent activity to make something a habit. When what we do becomes habitual, it becomes easy and part of who we are. As an example, when we are present, holding a door open for those behind us happens almost instinctively.

  • Action: Let’s work on our PH factors. Every day we need to practice just one thing to be more accountable, respectful, and abundant. The more we keep the Character Triangle at the balanced center of our personal management system, the more we will increase our efficiency and success at work.

Perfect PH in the Triangle,