Give to Live or Live to Give?

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Giving because we want to and with purpose gives us self gratification and definition.

Over the holiday season it is interesting to observe the act of giving and receiving. I tried to make note of this during the holidays. When people gave without expectation, they seemed to be the most joyful and gratified. When expectations were attached the giving sometimes is compromised by disappointment. If I give a person a gift, how grateful should they be? How much appreciation shown is enough? If I invite guests over for dinner how much should they fuss over how great the meal is? Now I do enjoy it when I obviously (by their sincere reaction) bring delight to others but it seems to be the best to give without expecting anything in return at all. Giving with sincerity and for the purity of giving is all we really need. Any reciprocation is great but unnecessary when we have purpose in mind.

At work the very same principle applies. When we offer help, resources, our time, or encouragement, it is most gratifying when there are no strings attached. We can bring definition to what we value by what we attend to.

  • Action: I would like to challenge you and me to consciously give recognition to 1 person at work every day through 2011. To make it real let’s post it in our calendars. It can be a simple verbal thank you, an email, a hand written note, etc. Let’s expect zero in return. We need to be specific and genuine in our observation. Let’s see what happens. (This should take less than 120 seconds a day). No excuses. It is belief, purpose, commitment, and habit. If we miss a day, let’s make it up by giving recognition 2 times the next day.

Give in the Triangle,


What Are You Doing to Make January Different than December?

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Let’s promote ourselves to a new position now.

I’m the CEO of my company and even though I have the top job, I’m going to give myself a promotion this week, and you can too!

While I have mixed feelings about the notion of resolutions, often being well-intended wishes rather than goals/purpose attached to action based plans, I do believe that most work environments have a freshness associated with the New Year. The very act of budget setting for a new fiscal year (for most companies being the calendar year) provides a new beginning. So let’s take advantage of this new start and give ourselves a promotion. How?

I’m going to challenge you and I to tighten the intersection between the value we bring to the organization we’re part of, what we like to do, and what we’re good at.

  • Action: At the end of every week in 2011, let’s write down the one key thing we did to bring more value to the organization (it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t do it). Let’s also note what we really liked doing during the week (it gave us great satisfaction). How did we apply what we’re good at doing to our role (people acknowledge the skill we have)? Let’s journal this! 

I believe if we consciously tighten this value/like/good intersection along with the Character Triangle of accountability/respect/abundance we will give ourselves a well deserved promotion! In fact people around us may think we have new jobs and start asking us if we’re on diets, have new hair styles, and the like ha-ha. Watch this make a difference.

Live 2 Triangles,


Looking Back at the Character Triangle in 2010

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Thank you for giving your most precious commodity of time in helping develop the Character Triangle.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011 in the Triangle,


Looking Back at Abundance in 2010

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Today I want to highlight four of my top blogs focusing  on the ABUNDANCE element of the Character Triangle in 2010. Many readers have told me these are having an impact. Comment on this blog and let me know which of these Top 4 would get your vote as the ABUNDANCE blog of 2010. (And, if you haven’t already voted for your favorite Accountability and Respect blogs please do so by commenting each of the last two blogs.)

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Thank you for giving your most precious commodity of time in helping develop the Character Triangle.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011 in the Triangle,