What is Your Personal Financial Metric at Work?

Accountability Productivity Purpose


Each of us better know how our roles make a difference financially. If it’s not obvious, we have a responsibility to find out.

Business processes in companies change all the time. Therefore roles and positions change regularly and for most of us, what we do today has likely changed in the recent past. Organizations must be respectful but cannot be sentimental. Each role must add value, or be changed to add value. If the activity doesn’t count in measurable terms, then the organization will eliminate it sooner or later.

I challenge every team member in the company I run to personally connect their roles with the company mission and yearly objectives. Each of our jobs should have metrics that directly or indirectly connect with the commercial viability of the organization, whether we’re in a business or nonprofit.  Having the right attitude is vital but not sufficient. Each of us must produce measurable value.  Do you know what the key measures in your role are? Can you write them down right now? Do you know how you score? Are you meeting or exceeding the desired measurable targets? What is your personal action plan?

Please don’t be complacent on this. If you or I can’t answer in crisp and clear terms, it will be only a matter of time and our role will be changed, eliminated, or both.

  • Action: Be accountable. Outline what you believe the key measures are, and confirm with your boss. Stay tuned to how you are doing. Proactively work to improve and define and connect what you do with the organization’s purpose.

Measure in the Triangle,