Dancing with the Stars at Work

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Celebrating and hoopla at work are important ingredients of a respectful culture …how can we each have an impact? Just do it.

As the CEO, I have the ability and resources to make celebration and hoopla a part of our culture. Last week the company I lead had our annual awards night where excellence was recognized. However it was much more than dinner, drinks, and individual/team recognition. It was a companywide team-building event!

Great teams and companies have the ability to celebrate as a way of reflecting the respect they have for each other. At this event, my team showed a very funny video spoofing the Character Triangle, where they depicted the Chairman and Founder of the company and I in dispute over a parking place. It brought the house down in uproarious laughter. My VPs also did this silly dance with the fog machine pumping out a cloud to the beat of rock and roll, each wearing a t-shirt emblazed with respect, accountability, and abundance. The entire company had a blast; every person side by side regardless of position or tenure.

I’m a fan of celebrations and also day to day hoopla. I’m in favor of celebrating mini milestones, birthdays, customer wins, etc. So here is my challenge. Regardless of your role, celebrate something with your teammates. Workplaces are meant to achieve a mission, often measured in commercial terms. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun …everyday. It reinforces, when done in good taste, the respect we have for each other.

  • Action: What are you going to celebrate this week? And oh yeah …music and dancing at work celebrations are good things in my opinion.

Have fun in the triangle,