What Are You Doing to Make January Different than December?

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Let’s promote ourselves to a new position now.

I’m the CEO of my company and even though I have the top job, I’m going to give myself a promotion this week, and you can too!

While I have mixed feelings about the notion of resolutions, often being well-intended wishes rather than goals/purpose attached to action based plans, I do believe that most work environments have a freshness associated with the New Year. The very act of budget setting for a new fiscal year (for most companies being the calendar year) provides a new beginning. So let’s take advantage of this new start and give ourselves a promotion. How?

I’m going to challenge you and I to tighten the intersection between the value we bring to the organization we’re part of, what we like to do, and what we’re good at.

  • Action: At the end of every week in 2011, let’s write down the one key thing we did to bring more value to the organization (it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t do it). Let’s also note what we really liked doing during the week (it gave us great satisfaction). How did we apply what we’re good at doing to our role (people acknowledge the skill we have)? Let’s journal this! 

I believe if we consciously tighten this value/like/good intersection along with the Character Triangle of accountability/respect/abundance we will give ourselves a well deserved promotion! In fact people around us may think we have new jobs and start asking us if we’re on diets, have new hair styles, and the like ha-ha. Watch this make a difference.

Live 2 Triangles,