When You Have to Leave …Do it Right

Accountability Contribution


All of us will leave the places we work. It is inevitable. How should we go?

As I previously posted, here’s a little more insight. I was watching an NFL documentary about Tom Landry, the Pro Football Hall of Famer and former coach of the world famous Dallas Cowboys. For those readers not familiar with Landry suffice it to say he was an institution and icon, especially in Texas. On the same day Jerry Jones took ownership of the team he fired Landry. After 29 glorious seasons as head coach, Landry was unceremoniously dismissed. The media captured pictures of Coach Landry putting his office belongings in cardboard boxes and packing himself out. People watching couldn’t believe it …and many people literally wept. Greatness wasn’t supposed to humbly self pack and quietly walk away. That was for mortals like you and me.

History describes Landry’s leaving as majestic. He took the highest road and walked on it, proud of his legacy and accomplishments.

When we’re asked to leave, and most of us will experience that a few times in our careers for many different reasons, it is most important to walk that high road (unless of course we have been discriminated against or some other legitimate legal reason).  Even when we leave on our own, the only thing to do is to do so with honor and generosity of spirit.

These departures are a time for saying thank you, reflecting on what we’ve given and received. It is a huge learning moment. Most of all it is time for the next window of opportunity and that’s exciting.

Be accountable in how we leave. Be respectful to ourselves and others. Abundantly look to the value we will bring elsewhere.

Leave in the Triangle,