The Boss in the Mirror

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Look in the mirror and have a self coaching session: outline expectations, give recognition and engage in constructive dialogue. Establish a development plan.

Seth Godin, in his recent blog “The World’s Worst Boss”, is right on when he emphasizes that you and I are our own bosses even if we’re not self employed. I’m not sure that I agree with him that we are the world’s worst bosses to ourselves but here are few points worth reflecting on:

  1. How do we talk to ourselves? Do we self coach? Self recognize? Self celebrate small wins?
  2. What is our personal development plan? Who are we getting mentored by? What feedback are we using to help us move forward? What are two or three thing we’re purposefully practicing?  Is it written down?
  3. What are things we’re doing that add value to ourselves and others? How do we know?

If we have a great boss that really cares and coaches us, we are darn lucky. In the meantime do not wait for someone to have that 1 on 1 coaching session with us. Have a 1 on 1 with the person in the mirror today. Encourage the wonderful person looking back at you to have a growth and positive mind set. Develop a growth plan by being self accountable, self respectful, and self abundant.

Be a great boss to yourself.

Boss in the Triangle,