How Do You Rate? A CEO’s Quick Assessment

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I have a process that helps me make a quick assessment when I meet another leader for the first time. One has to be careful about a premature, subjective view and sometimes I’m wrong.  But more often than not, the assessment works for me.  Here is the process:

The person looks me in the eye, has a real handshake and smiles easily and often.

They ask lots of thoughtful questions that are based on understanding my objectives and situation.

They are exceptional listeners; often checking to make sure they understand.

They are precise with their use of words.

They are clear and have a purpose that is directly stated.

She/he uses humor, laughs easily.

If service people are around (e.g. restaurant staff) they are kind and courteous.

They talk little about themselves and try and focus the discussion on forward movement of ideas.

They are definitive regarding what they want/expect next.

They meet their commitments however small.

They are never arrogant or condescending regardless of their position, stature, or leverage.

Last week I met an executive for the first time that checked off positive on almost all of the above items. It was a very important meeting. After our discussion he told me that his leadership philosophy was the 3 L’s: Listen, Learn, Lead. This person is already at a senior executive level. But my quick assessment is that he has a bigger leadership future ahead.

For the next week try this assessment process. It may help you determine the quality of the person you’re working with, as well as yourself.

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