Do You Sweat for Your Success?

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It is about practice, sweat, and purposeful effort… with few shortcuts.

I sometimes wish it could be different. The myth of what drives success can be a convenient excuse.  But as Peter Orszag of the New York Times notes in the September 8th commentary we just have to sweat our way to success. Orszag refers to the research and writing of Matthew Syed and his recently published book Bounce. By focusing on the science of success, Syed shatters the “talent myth”, that top performers are born not built.

Syed introduces and reinforces concepts like chunking and purposeful effort. The nature and intensity of practice makes a huge difference.

I am going to be writing more on this because while the Character Triangle is a foundation, we all need more tools and skills to help us on the journey.

What do you and I practice with intensity and purpose? Hey… self accountability is looking in the mirror. It doesn’t mean we will like the answers to our questions but it does mean taking action; one small forward step at a time.

with Character,