Success is About Your Mind Set! What’s Yours?

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Ok…..let’s say you believe in Character Triangle values and are now “living in the Triangle”, that is, you have become a practitioner. You are taking real strides in being self accountability and you are reflecting on what else might fuel your efforts. Think about this… what’s your mind set?

At a recent sales conference one of our guest presenters reinforced the mind set that distinguishes successful sales people.  Carol Dweck, the Stanford psychologist, in her 2006 book Mind Set outlines two primary categories of mind set: fixed and growth. Those of us with an orientation towards a fixed mind set see success as showing talent while those of us with a growth mind set view success as a journey of development.

Perhaps most revealing about the differences between those with a fixed vs. growth mind set is the reaction to adversity, self assessment, and skill building. Essentially a growth mind set reinforces purposeful practice and the work put into the journey rather than the prize.

What mind set do you and I have?  Part of the growth mind set is choosing to turn practice into a habit. The difference between thinking about practice then becomes different. It becomes who we are not what we do.

with Character,