Overcoming Self Doubt

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It is so natural to have self doubt from time to time. Almost all (if not all of us) feel that way sometime. Tim Ferriss is a self-made super star from a commercial point of view. Yet of course Tim is in “early days” of his self development. I think it helpful to note that people like Tim are very human. In fact Tim self-reflects on this in one of his blogs:

“Business icons, superstar professional athletes, billionaires — it doesn’t matter how rich or how accomplished — I’ve had them all tell me the same thing…  There are moments when you feel the world is too much. Days and even weeks when you want to (or perhaps do) pull up the covers and half-sleep in bed until nightfall, avoiding a feeling of hopelessness that seems insurmountable. Long-awaited deals fall through without warning, haters attack you without reason or fact, circumstances turn good decisions into awful realities — sometimes it just feels like the deck is stacked against you and there is nothing you can do about it.  I’ve felt the same on more than a few occasions, and more are likely on the way.”

Tim’s mom sent the wonderful video above as an inspiration for dealing with self doubt. Please watch it and if you’ve seen before, it is only five minutes long , it’s worth seeing again.

At work and life we are going to fall or feel like we’re falling. Once we accept that it is easier to overcome it. Often we need others to give us a boost. Self doubt rides “shotgun” with self accountability. I think the key thing is to use it to motivate us to take action. And that drives self accountability.

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