Can We Make Adversity Work for Us?

Abundance Personal leadership Purpose


“I was blessed with hemophilia and hemophilia blessed me.”

That was the motto of my friend Ken Poyser, whose life and death was celebrated at his funeral on September 18. Ken had the worst and rarest form of this difficult disease and against huge odds lived until 65. Before Hemophilia and its complications finally outran Kenny, he received the Order of Canada, led Hemophilia initiatives world wide, and literally was the genesis of saving thousands of lives and raising millions of dollars for Hemophilia research clinics and the like. In his wheel chair, and as a husband, father, and grandfather, he traveled 50 countries serving those affected by Hemophilia. At the same time he became a Chartered Accountant at 24 (after missing months of school due to his countless hospitalizations). And as a self made businessman, he retired at 41. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on.

What makes people like Kenny not just give up? Perhaps more importantly what propels them to greatness in spite of countless hurdles? Here are a few observations:

Self Accountability.  They accept their situation, refuse to be victims, and are driven to contribute.
Abundance.  They focus and make the best of what they have versus the  lack of what they don’t have. They give and give more.
Respect.  They have an appreciation of the people and things around them and for what they have. They embrace people for who they are.
Purpose.  They seem to have a defined cause and purpose at both a physical and spiritual level.

People like Ken Poyser, who rise above the highest of hurdles, are jaw-dropping inspirations for me. They Live the Triangle to the fullest.  They make me want to jump out of bed and to make a difference to others. People like Ken don’t waste time wondering or wishing for something different. They live and die to give. Thank you Ken!

Live the Triangle,