A HUGE Issue… The Character of Fitness

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Jamie Brunner was over 300 pounds. He was managing a restaurant, bent over one night while serving his customers and split his pants from stem to stern. This was a humiliating experience. One year later, he and his wife Meagan were crowned world fitness champions. They collectively dropped over 100 pounds. More importantly they developed a lifestyle system that they are now sharing world wide.  Read the whole story at www.kinetixliving.com.

This is an unsolicited commercial for Kinetix. I’m working to live and apply their system. It is a habit system on the physical side, kind of like the CT is on the behavioral side.

I think Jamie (I’ve met with him several times) and Meagan’s story is so remarkable. They are in many respects like you and I. They have no special super human powers. But they chose to change their situation and are continuing on that journey!

Jamie split his pants and they decided to change their personal situations and to take on obesity head on. Now Howard Shultz, Chairman & CEO of Starbucks, and the world’s biggest companies are starting to get involved with Kinetix. This is such a great story about every aspect of the Character Triangle. So much so that Jamie and Meagan Brunner are the first couple in the Character Hall of Fame.

When did you and I feel that we “split our pants” in public? How did it feel? Most importantly what have we done about it?

The only people who can confront the splitting pants feeling is you and me. That’s the beauty and honesty behind self accountability. It’s up to us and we can do it! Ask Jamie and Meagan. Please read their story. Learn from them and the thousands of people they have influenced. No gimmick. No BS …just applying the CT in every way.

with Character,