Evolve or Die… Yup, That’s Just the Way It Is

Accountability Transformation


On August 17, 2010 Wired Magazine declared: “The Web is Dead.”

 Huh? What the heck does that mean?

For most of us catching up with the web has been a scramble and now a bunch of techno-snobs are declaring it dead?? Essentially the article goes on to describe the explosion and variety of digital media forms and shifting patterns of media consumption. In other words the web and everything surrounding it is rapidly evolving. Just months ago some elements of digital media were not in the mainstream of our lives; now terms like social media, location-based commerce and virtual currency are influencing millions of people daily.

So what does this have to do with the Character Triangle (CT)? At one level the answer is very little. Our application of the CT values is agnostic to media and medium. On another level, though, it is very relevant.

In the spirit of self accountability, the web is a reflection of collective mankind. We need to evolve and adapt. Not all of us need to tweet, blog, play Farmville, become foursquare citizens or any of the like. But we do need to ask ourselves how and what, if anything we need to do to participate in the web and its evolved state. Digital media is for us. We can embrace it and make it work for us. So in another way digital media can be used to promote all the elements of the CT. And all the benefits it provides.

The web may be dead but we are fully alive.  Digital media and the CT belong to each of us in our own unique and personally wonderful ways!

with Character,