For Everyday Lives… is the Character Triangle Realistic? Accessible?

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I guarantee you that all the people I’ve written about, including those in the Character Hall of Fame and me, struggle to apply the Character Triangle (CT) all the time. The CT is a framework to live but not blind to our realities.  The objective is NOT perfection but to live more the way of the Triangle than less. This is not about saving the earth or humanity at a macro level, but in a modest way, it is at an individual level. This is about the everyday lives you and I have. We yell at our kids and/or colleagues. We sometimes avoid doing things we should and do things we shouldn’t. We horde things, are prone to petty feelings of jealousy, and sometimes even revenge. We can feel overwhelmed by credit card debt and/or the needs of others. We secretly stand and look at the mirror in disgust and yell at ourselves. Yup… that’s us. 

My blogs are for information and reflection …hopefully occasionally for inspiration, and not a guilt trip around perfection. It is about trying most times and failing sometimes.  The best part is the relentless pursuit; dusting ourselves off and going forward applying these 3 values as a system of behavior. When we do it, there is almost always a positive out come and self accountability, respect, and abundance connects with every religious or spiritual tenant.  These three values are agnostic and representative at the same time.

So while the “big” examples of applying the CT provide perhaps the most memorable and referencable examples, it’s the cheerful “good morning” to our team mates, fixing something that has been nagging at us, giving our neighbors a jar of jam, that accumulates to the crescendo that matters …every day life.

So yes the CT is accessible, and while it applies to all aspects of life, the work place is my laboratory of observation.

The small things …every day.

with Character,