The Life You Can Save



Peter Singer, the philosopher, is the author of The Life You Can Save. Dan Heath and others helped create a 3 minute video which introduces Singer’s thinking on the topic. I encourage you to watch it in reference to thinking with abundance.

Now what if we took the same concept as captured in the video and applied it to our personal situation at work? I apologize for comparing saving lives of the poor as being in the same ballpark as most of our business situations. Of course these comparisons are on completely different moral planes. However the concept I want to get across is to not become overwhelmed by the big numbers and the often daunting size of the task. When we think about the magnitude of the “end game” we can feel that we just don’t have enough to get it done. We “throw in the towel” and focus on the lack of resources.  Yet sometimes 5% of extra effort here and there adds up and a wave of change. This abundant thinking can often lead to real and sustainable improved results.

When we think we have enough to start; it can lead to finding enough to finish. If you want something to be better or different at work find that first 5% and go from there. We have enough to start. It is acting with abundance.

with Character,