Moving Forward Beyond Adversity

Abundance Accountability


Self accountability and abundance combine to form such a powerful alliance. I was reading about Bob Moore, the Founder and CEO of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods in Milwaukie, Oregon. Bob is 81 years old and decided to give his company to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. He has had many offers to sell to other institutions but chose to share the value of Red Mill with the people who helped him build it.

When you dig more into Bob’s background his story outlines the difference between letting obstacles and victim thinking defeat forward movement. His folks died early, he went broke when his kids were young, an arsonist burned the mill down when Bob was 60, and more. There were lots of reasons to “give up.”

So in our everyday lives, not all of us are going to build a natural food company but we are going to have plenty of adversity and how we choose to react is mostly in our control.

At work: accept the daily adversity in our jobs and lousy things surrounding it. Find a way to move forward and build something of value in what we do. Give something of ourselves to others. We can build our own “Red Mill” story. What’s yours going to be?

with Character,