Stage Right: You and Me

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Tom Peters relays an interesting story in his latest book The Little Big Things, 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence. He tells of a situation where a professor was presenting from the bottom of a bowl-like classroom. Without this teacher knowing, the students were instructed by an organization psychologist conducting an experiment, to nod (noticeably but not in unison) when the professor moved stage right. And, not to nod when he was in the center or stage left during his lecture. As the story goes, the prof was soon pasted to the corner of stage right and stayed there most of the class. Peter’s point: such is the power of deliberate positive reinforcement.

Encouragement and positive recognition usually helps people move forward. You and I can do that right now. We don’t have to have a certain title, minimum salary grade, or academic certificate to spread it out genuinely and freely. Offering a “Thanks” or “nice job” is so easy. We don’t have to be over the top. Even a smile, small pin, $5 dollar Starbucks card, or a shoulder hug counts. Be a leader and offer it up. Be self accountable to be abundant. Ok now everybody…move someone to stage right!

 with Character,