Smile or Die

Abundance Organizational leadership


I believe that positive optimism is important in a work place. It is connected to the value of abundance in the sense that one focuses more on the “have” than “have not.” On the other hand I don’t promote nor believe in blind optimism. Sometimes things are just plain difficult, painful, and lousy. We get hurt, feel bad, and frankly can mistreat or get mistreated by others. These are facts and part of the human condition. How we respond though is often in our control and a choice we can willingly make. Being abundant is the choice to move forward, which often appropriately involves getting help from others. Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich provides a measure of balance in acting/thinking realistically while remaining positive.

In the work place we need both: tough minded realism on the status of things; and positive, forward movement in response. They are not mutually exclusive. One thing you can do is to insist on providing and asking for data in reviewing job related matters. Facts keep blind positive thinking and helpless despair in check.

There are two great articles linked in my May 13 blog on smiling too.

with Character,