Be Present…that Person Could be Playing a Stradivarius



I heard a story that the Washington Post conducted an experiment. Apparently they had a man with a violin go down to the subway and play music. It was rush hour and thousands of people zoomed by while he played. I guess some people threw money at him but mostly people just ignored him. When he finished he just walked away.

No one knew that the man playing the violin was one of the world’s most renowned violinists, Joshua Bell. He plays to sold out concerts around the world and he was playing one of the most complex concertos on a $2 million dollar Stradivarius.

In the work place it is easy to rush by people and ideas. If we allowed ourselves to be present more (e.g. put away the smart phones when interacting with others) to be in the moment, we would be able to take in more. Be present, someone around you may be playing a Stradivarius.

with Character,