Irreplaceable Mary – Quiet Leadership

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Mary is 68 and recently retired. She was a bench technician and has worked in our facilities in both North America and Europe. Before her retirement a new team member pointed out that Mary was the first to come up and welcome her. As well, she noticed that Mary quietly picked up after a number of people; put the dishes away and wiped the lunch tables. No drama; just did it because she wanted to and could.

We will miss Mary, not just for her technical skills but because she has a perpetual smile, a twinkle in that Irish eye, and awareness of her value as a team mate. She treats others with respect and care. She is a leader by quiet example and giving of herself every day. (I know a little about Mary and she has had enough personal challenges that would “justify” her feeling sorry for herself and bitter about the cards dealt her.)

Mary is unique and irreplaceable in a personal way. But the attribute of quiet leadership and respectful giving is open and available to us all. We can all be like Mary. Thank you for quietly setting an example and caring every day.

with Character,