Is Abundance “Too Distracting”?

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The difference between a scarcity and an abundant attitude is profound. Yet I am still surprised when we become almost blind when scarcity acts out in front of us. In Maureen Dowd’s June 6th NYT op-ed column she reports on an incredible situation where a 33 year old single mom was dismissed by Citibank’s Chrysler Center branch for looking “too sexy.” The woman dressed like other women who worked at the bank in turtlenecks, pants, jackets but just looked “too beautiful” and was “too distracting.” So how about when other people dress too well, perform too well, look too well, problem solve too well, work too hard? Do we just expect that everyone level out at mediocrity? This makes us all feel better….right?!

Someone else’s success does not take away from our success. On the contrary, it often validates what is possible. When others get harassed because of who they are and their accomplishments we have some serious work to do in reshaping our thinking.

Be abundant.  Reach for the top.  Please don’t hope for a race to the bottom by wanting others to “suck” too. 

with Character,