The Keys to Personal Growth

Abundance Growth mindset


Sometimes crap just happens. You can be as abundant thinking as you want but it will. A loved one will get sick. A relationship will deteriorate, even end. We will all likely experience job loss, health loss, financial set backs and other losses. Everything, and I mean everything, comes to an end sometime. So how can we feel abundant?

The answer is because we CAN – and that outcome is one heck of a lot better than the alternative. Why not picture and believe a more desired state?  Why not take a step in that direction? A hundred small steps get us so much closer. Yes s**t happens to all of us.  However, you have two choices: wallow in it or dust yourself off and move on.  Accept what is. Learn from it. No self-blame but serious understanding and personal growth is everything.

I heard a story once… Think of all of our personal problems represented by a set of keys with each of us throwing our keys into a pile in the middle of the room.  Then we are given insight into what each set of keys represented.  Most of us would be relieved to retrieve our own set of keys versus another’s. Whew!

Accept… learn… move forward… paint a desired future… be fearless… take a step at a time… have Character…

with Character,