The Character of a CEO

Accountability Management Personal leadership


I think the most challenging thing about being a CEO is that you become the They.  “‘They should do it this way.” “They don’t see our point of view.” Of course when I was on my journey to the corner office, I can recall being very much the same. I was often critical of They and felt I could do better. I realize that on the path of discovering what true accountability was, I was a neophyte. Thank goodness I’ve learned, but I must constantly remind myself not to fall back on old habits.

When one becomes self-accountable the They word tends to disappear or takes on a different form. When self-accountable people see things in an insufficient state, the FIRST thing these people do is determine what and how something can be done about it. Self-accountable people become the THEY. When constructively criticizing others, suggesting solutions brings value.

If you want to make a difference at work, try bringing self-accountable value to your conversations. I think you will be surprised how different this is.

with Character,