Smiling Your Way to a More Successful and Longer Life

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Hi “Characters.” This may come across a little soft, but trust me when I tell you it’s not. Look around and observe the people who work and interact with you… Are they smiling? Now check out the scowls… How’s the attitude in the office? Try recording your voicemail message with a frown and then re-record it with a smile. Notice any difference? Look into a mirror and smile while talking to others on the phone. Does your demeanor change? Do people respond differently?

When I walk around the building, people notice my disposition. It makes a big difference when I greet them with a genuine smile. In fact, I have to remind myself to be aware of it.

Perhaps even more interesting, check out this article in New Scientist. The data correlates longevity with “smiling like you mean it.” And, check out this article on the world’s first smile-operated ice cream vending machine at

So Characters, try it, smile… it makes a difference.

with Character,