Seth Godin Gets It

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Hey Characters, are you a Linchpin? Linchpins, Supporters and Leeches, Seth Godin,  Seth Godin, author and marketing guru, describes these categories of people. I strongly urge you to read his recently published book, Linchpin.

The people in the “leech” category are those who Godin describes as pessimists and obstructionists. Godin states they are “driven by fear, they set out to slow you down, whittle you down, and average you down.” This is the antithesis of being “abundant.”

The third element of the Character Triangle is being Abundant. This means being generous of spirit and an optimist. It also embodies a deep belief in a successful outcome. Put an emphasis on the importance of being generous of spirit.

Think about the people that make an incredible impact – they give! As Godin states, “The economy has been better and worse. Through it all the market seeks out, recognizes and embraces artists, people we can’t live without.”

Godin’s type of “artist” has nothing to do with fine arts, but instead, being able to make a difference and valuably contribute at one’s craft, regardless of whether or not it’s in the board room or fixing kitchen sinks.

Be abundant. Be generous. Be an “artist.” Give everything you have to have an impact.

with Character,