Luck Shines on the Brave

Abundance Courage


Tonight I’ve listened to an interview on the BBC with an SAS soldier. He was one of the Special Forces guys on the famous May 5th hostage rescue in the Iranian embassy in London 30 years ago. He used the term “luck shines on the brave.” He was referring to the fact that a door they had to smash through had not been barricaded by the terrorists. The entire event was watched by the world on broadcast television. Within the narrow boundaries of these horrible situations, it was a success.

Most of us do not live in the dramatic life and death world of a Special Forces soldier, but the phrase I think applies. We have to be brave and “bust through that door” even when we are not completely sure about the other side. We need to take calculated risks. It is part of an abundant perspective. The great news is that it almost never life or death. But going through that door is often a combination of discomfort, learning, and personal growth.

Be abundant. Luck shines on the brave.

with Character,