Aces in the Office

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For the past few years, I’ve made a point to include ACES as part of the fabric of Ryzex, where I serve as CEO.

When someone at Ryzex wants to thank or recognize anyone in the office, they send them an ACE. One side of the card is a thank you for exceptional performance. It takes just a couple of minutes to write a note on the face of the ACE, recognizing the person’s accomplishment, and send it along. Over the last few years, thousands of ACES have been exchanged and proudly displayed by team members.

The foundation of sending ACES is based on the value of Respect. One has to be present enough to observe the positive contribution of others. Then it takes a moment to write it down and send it. As it most often is with giving, the sender often receives more than he/she gives.

Do you send and receive “ACES” or something similar?

with Character,