Congress – Listen with Understanding?



Attack the Issue, Not each Other! What would happen if Congress listened with understanding? When we talk about Respect, one definition of the word is “to look again”. What if Congress “looked again”? I’m not interested in making a political statement. But what if we were to look at our Health Care issues as a system and set of processes as a problem? What if we attacked the processes, issues, situation, and not each other? What if we looked again? …all sides?

What if we were abundant thinking? What if we outlined a desired future state of health care and financial implications with a sense of possibilities and opportunity; rather than win lose?

Ok, so there are different philosophical and economic tenants. So what if we outlined them honestly, to the best of our ability versus attacking others? Our obligation would be to present our best possible viewpoint? What’s the worst that could happen? Our collective bipartisan wisdom might surprise us?

Congress frankly needs a strong unrelenting dose of the CT. Let’s attack the issue… not each other. Let’s listen with all of our attention and might. Let’s ask what and how we might make a difference. Let’s believe we have more than enough resources to make a difference. Let’s respect all viewpoints!

Let’s have Character!