Board Room Battles: Can They Be Respectful?

Accountability Collaboration Teamwork


I had a meeting with my executive team the other day. At the end of the meeting one of the members suggested someone write up the notes from the meeting. I quickly suggested that he ought to do so.

As the meeting adjourned, this individual told me he was uncomfortable with my reaction to his recommendation that someone take notes. And to be honest, I did make the suggestion that he do the notes with a bit of an attitude. I was tired and worn down after a very difficult meeting. But that was no excuse for being disrespectful. I thanked this person for pointing out my unconstructive behavior, and I apologized. I also noted that he might have volunteered to take the notes instead of throwing it out for “They” to do it. He acknowledged that and apologized for not being self-accountable.

We both learned a little about respect and self-accountability. The lessons never end regarding the Character Triangle.

with Character,